prickly pear tree in karoo landscape

Karoo Ridge Conservancy Blog

baby baboon in green karoo grass

Baboons in the Karoo

Karoo Ridge Conservancy Blog There are three to four baboon troops which frequent Karoo Ridge Conservancy and YES they can be a terrible menace! One

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Steenbok steenbuck in the karoo bush grass


Karoo Ridge Conservancy Blog Steenbok are such elegant little antelope. They only weigh up to about 10kg. Like cats, they do their “business” in scrapings

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Yellow Mongoose in karoo bush

Yellow Mongoose

Karoo Ridge Conservancy Blog We always see Yellow Mongoose streaking across dirt roads and open areas as fast as they can possibly go. Foraging alone,

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herd of mountain reedbuck in karoo stones, grass, bush

Mountain Reedbuck

Karoo Ridge Conservancy Blog Mountain Reedbuck are always thought of as being a very common game species. But, believe it or not, they were recently

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