The Power of Six

group of shareholders

Karoo Ridge Conservancy Blog The six shareholders of Karoo Ridge Conservancy met recently to review our original vision for KRC. When we purchased the property in 2014 we knew that transforming a tired sheep farm in the drought-ridden Karoo region of the Eastern Cape, into a model for nature conservation was never going to be […]

There’s a goose on my stoep – ponderings of a Nature Conservation Intern

Gaggle of spur wing goose in front of flowers

Karoo Ridge Conservancy Blog An obnoxious honking fills the air multiple times a day. The geese are on the march. Beady eyes follow me with suspicion as I move towards the basin with a 5L water bottle. Little hisses escape as the water pours in, they can barely contain themselves, but remain alert, lest I […]

The History of Medicinal Herbs – Ashleigh McDonald

Karoo Ridge Conservancy Blog Every year, the Botanical Society of South Africa sponsors Cape Peninsula University of Technology (CPUT) students on a camp. In return, students need to search through the Botanical Society’s quarterly journal, the Veld and Flora, and present an article to a group of like-minded people, in their third year. The botanical […]

Eco Bricks

eco bricks

Karoo Ridge Conservancy Blog In order to really influence change, we need a lot more people to REDUCE REUSE AND RECYCLE and Eco bricking envelops all three of these sentiments completely. A really fantastic way to make use of plastic that cannot be recycled, eco bricks also provide a cheaper alternative to construction material. Plastic […]

Andre Wenham Nature Conservation Bursary 2018

Karoo Ridge Conservancy Blog The Andre Wenham Bursary for 2018 was awarded to Ashleigh McDonald. Ashleigh is a mature student. She has a background in food and consumer science, the veterinary field (including technician work, animal nutrition and parasitical control) she also has experience in merchandise and retail. Ashleigh will be doing her third year […]

Southern Black Korhaan

Karoo Ridge Conservancy Blog The Sothern Black Korhaan (the Karoo Ridge Conservancy logo) is a unique bird. It is endemic to the southern biomes of South Africa –  Nama Karoo, Succulent Karoo and Fynbos – a relatively small distribution. It is not found anywhere else in the world. Historically it was a common bird in […]

Dolerite Stacks

karoo dolerite rock stacks

Karoo Ridge Conservancy Blog 245 million years ago the Great Karoo was flourishing and it is from this period that many fossils have been found. 183 million years ago Karoo dolerite intruded into the surface layers of rock (Beaufort Group). After this molten intrusion the dolerite cooled and hardened. Joints formed at right angles to […]

Beautifully executed!

Aardvark in karoo grass

Karoo Ridge Conservancy Blog Harvester Termites will forage midday on cool autumn and winter days and it was for this reason that we were witness to an extraordinary sight of an aardvark doing a perfect somersault! The aardvark, usually a nocturnal animal, came out to feast on termites. It is probable that while eating them […]

Baboons in the Karoo

baby baboon in green karoo grass

Karoo Ridge Conservancy Blog There are three to four baboon troops which frequent Karoo Ridge Conservancy and YES they can be a terrible menace! One troop in particular includes the lucerne lands and eco-lodge in their daily routine, often roosting in some cliffs near-by at night. Part of this tormenting routine (when there is no-one […]

International Firefighters Day

firefighters putting out fire

Karoo Ridge Conservancy Blog Every year a vibrant group of enthusiastic hikers come to stay at Karoo Ridge Conservancy. What one doesn’t realise about this relaxed group of friends is that they are prepared to put their lives in danger on a regular basis. They have undergone lots of training, they have learnt to trust […]