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Outliers Coffee

Karoo Ridge Conservancy Blog

It was their passion for all flora and fauna that caught our eye, so we delved a little further into Outliers Coffee Roasters.

A family owned and run business, Outliers coffee distributes locally as well as internationally. From bean to brew, much passion and love goes into each step of the process. Providing both single origin coffee and blends, The Outliers team roasts and packages beans imported from all over the world.  Each packet sold results in a R10 donation to Vulpro, a vulture protection initiative and Non-profit organisation.

Vulture species are on the decline in South Africa, resulting in serious anthropogenic intervention. Habitat fragmentation, poisoning and power lines play a huge role in the species decline, resulting in the Vulpro rehabilitation centre being set up in Hartbeespoort. Here they can provide educational presentations and tours to raise awareness. Safety zone initiatives are being promoted as a productive recovery plan. One of the zones happens to fall within the Eastern Cape region that Karoo Ridge Conservancy falls into.

In order to create real progress, establishments with a conservational conscience need to band together to influence change. For this reason, Karoo Ridge Conservancy will now stock and promote the delicious Sentinel blend from Outliers coffee. Grab yours now while stocks last!