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Eco Bricks

Karoo Ridge Conservancy Blog

In order to really influence change, we need a lot more people to REDUCE REUSE AND RECYCLE and Eco bricking envelops all three of these sentiments completely. A really fantastic way to make use of plastic that cannot be recycled, eco bricks also provide a cheaper alternative to construction material.

Plastic comes in many different forms and like other items, can take a VERY long time to break down, all the while poisoning the environment. You can prevent this in a multitude of ways:

  • Decrease your usage of single use plastic by swopping them out for more long term solutions.
  • Recycle, whatever you can, find out your nearest depot and support them.
  • Create eco bricks out of all the plastic you can’t recycle – build treasures out of trash! Its as easy as find a bottle, stuff it with plastic, polystyrene, elastic bands, plastic bags and more, compact it down with a utensil/ stick, fill to capacity (until you cannot squish the sides) and VOILA!


Samekoms Farm school builds eco bricks!