herd of zebra in karoo grass

Flora & Fauna

The Karoo is rich in flora, from mammals to birds, plants to reptiles. It is home to 5 globally recognised mammal species in need of conserving as well as 6 globally recognised bird species in need of conserving. 


Large Mammals

pair of nyala in karoo bush
Sable Gemsbuck Herd in karoo
Sable & Gemsbuck
springbuck springbok fighting locked horns
black Wildebeest pair in karoo
Black Wildebeest

Small Mammals

Aardvark in karoo grass
Steenbuck looking at camera in karoo grass
Scrub hare in karoo grass
Scrub Hare
Ground Squirrel in karoo field of flowers
Ground Squirrel

Plant Life

photo of pink and white karoo flower close up
karoo bushes and grass
pink ground flowers in karoo grass
karoo eco lodge in field of purple irises


Northernblack Korhaan in flight
Northernblack Korhaan
Yellow Weaver in nest
Yellow Weaver
red bishop holding on plant stalk
Red Bishop
Redknobbed Coot in water reeds
Redknobbed Coot

Reptiles and Amphibians

pair cape tortoise reptiles walking in grass
Leopard Tortoise
gekko sitting on tree stump
Monitor Lizard in grass
Monitor Lizard
Frog in water


red Dragonfly
ball of assassin bugs
Assassin Bugs
Spider in web
butterly in flower bush

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pair of red hartebeest in karoo grass

Conservation Experience

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