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The Power of Six

Karoo Ridge Conservancy Blog

The six shareholders of Karoo Ridge Conservancy met recently to review our original vision for KRC. When we purchased the property in 2014 we knew that transforming a tired sheep farm in the drought-ridden Karoo region of the Eastern Cape, into a model for nature conservation was never going to be easy.

Five years on, we have seen that six sides make strong blocks. We are six individuals from different continents, skills and backgrounds who share a deep passion for this unique place. For every one of us KRC represents something worth fighting for, and we are working incredibly hard to make our conservancy a success. We are managing our natural resources; water, food and eco-systems to encourage healthy biodiversity of insects, plants, birds and mammals. We aspire to be a beacon of best practice nationally and internationally and are proud of our relationships with other conservation organisations. In our complex modern world nature conservation needs a robust business model that will withstand the tough political, economic and environmental challenges we all face. Nature Conservation has to make economic sense.  For this purpose we have created a business that aims to support sustainability for future generations and will strengthen the wider community.

If you want to help us with our ambitious ideas please come to visit us. If you just want to relax, soak up the wilderness, watch birds soaring across huge skies and see wildebeest lining up on the horizon, KRC is the perfect place to get away from it all. If you want to learn first-hand about nature conservation and how to manage scarce resources in a harsh and fragile environment, then KRC is definitely the place for you. We promise to share our knowledge, expertise and passion with you and will give you an unforgettable opportunity to immerse yourself in and discover the secrets of this extraordinary place.